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Male Vocals
Style - Pop/Rock


Words & Music
Tasos Taiganides and Terry Carter

She walks out, to the cold
That's where she, she can breath
She's tryin’ to hide, what's underneath
She's tryin’ to hide, from a dream
That wakes her when she screams

And mother, is there shelter in the rain
And father, is there gain from her pain

A helpless child, to re-arrange
She can't change her lies, from the truth
And school kids laugh, and call her names
She don't understand, why - they stay away
There's no laughter in the rain

Don’t lie to me, and don’t look at me
I'm not your - savior of shame

USA & Canada Kretan Sea Music (BMI) and PURE TC (ASCAP)
Terry Carter: 626-825-5845