Wirechoir - Release The Fury (CD & MP3 Download)
  • Wirechoir - Release The Fury (CD & MP3 Download)
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  1. Tom Thumb (feat. Grant Geissman & Joe Bagg)
  2. I Surrender (feat. Pete Christlieb)
  3. Carvin' The Bird (feat. Ron Escheté, Pete Christlieb, Joe Bagg, Ryan Mcgillicuddy)
  4. 7 Come 11 (feat. Larry Koonse & Joe Bagg)
  5. Lemon Cake (feat. Tim May)
  6. 'Round Midnight (feat. Pete Christlieb)
  7. Jordu (feat. Frank Potenza, Tom Ranier, & Pete Christlieb)
  8. Rose's Loom (feat. Howard Alden & Pete Christlieb)
  9. Four (feat. Ron Escheté & Steve Huffsteter)
  10. Giant Steps (feat. Bruce Forman, Steve Trovato, & Pete Christlieb)

Wirechoir is Sid Jacobs, Ken Rosser, Jimmy Cheesman, Brandon Bernstein, Willis Clow, Matt Ritvo, Eric Jensen, John Atkinson, Ryan Mcgillicuddy, Putter Smith, & Terry Carter

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